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The goal of this website is not only to inform about Transportation Innovations, Inc. but to also advance the concept of connecting the use of transportation services to price and to promote tolling as a means of generating transportation revenue and metering demand. Urban mobility in the future will depend upon our ability to establish these relationships.

This web site contains valuable links to other research sites, associations, public agencies and online libraries as we seek to catalyze the flow of information.  The partial listing of clients demonstrates the breadth and depth of projects undertaken by Transportation Innovations and its associates. Various consultants and firms have joined with us to complete projects and demonstrates a wide range of skills and experience that have been organized to meet client needs. 

Feel free to download Transportation Innovations papers and presentations including a free electronic copy of "A System at Risk - the Economics of Transportation." A  link is provided where you can order a hard/soft copy if you desire.

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Storbelt bridge photo "From the Top" Hal Worrall

Storbelt bridge photo "From the Top" Hal Worrall