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Publications and Articles:
Over the years Transportation Innovations has written for a number of magazines to share ideas and findings from its consulting practice. We have had a long and rewarding relationship with:

Traffic Technology
Thinking Highways
ITS International
IBTTA's Tollways 


The Transformation of Transportation – Automated Vehicles, ITS International, Kent, U.K., December 2014.

What’s Happening with US Interoperability, Thinking Highways Magazine, Surrey, England, December 2011.

Knock-on Effect, Disruptive Influences in Electronic Toll Collection  TollTrans International Magazine, England, December 2011.

"The Future of Tolling", Thinking Highways, Volume 6. No. 1 North America, June/July 2011.

Reality Check, The Convergence of Policy, Technology and Jurisdiction TollTrans International Magazine, England, December 2010.

Radical Convenience”, autumn 2010 issue of Tollways, September 2010.

Nota de Prensa revista Vial”, ITS Argentina, June 2010.

SANRAL Final Interoperability Report”, July 2009.

Evolution, Revolution, Other”, Thinking Highways Magazine, Surrey, England, December 2009.

All Inclusive Focus – the paradigm of the infrequent Customer”, TollTrans International Magazine, England, December 2009.

RFID ‘s Day – Tolling’s Ultimate Conumdrum TollTrans International Magazine, England, December 2008.

Asset Management – the Proper Balance of Capital and Maintenance”, Tollways Fall Issue 2008, Washington D.C., September 2008.

A Customer Centric AETC Strategy”, Thinking Highways Magazine, Surrey, England, August 2008.

A Change of Direction – the correlation of congestion pricing and transportation technology”, Thinking Highways Magazine, Surrey, England, May 2008. 

A Career in Modeling: the U.S. Public Toll Company”, Thinking Highways Magazine, Surrey, England, December 2007.

Electronic Tolling of Major Truck Routes in the U.S.”, ITS International, Kent, UK, August 2007.

When the Music Stops, Thinking Highways Magazine, Surrey England, March, 2007.

A US Concession Model, Thinking Highways Magazine, Surrey, England. December, 2007.

The Economic Impact of Increasing Congestion, Road & Bridges Magazine, May 2006.

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Resource Library - Presentations

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The following presentations were given at various national and international meetings over the years. Presentations are one way that Transportation Innovations can stimulate industry discussion and catalyze innovations in transportation policy.

Autonomous Vehicular Travel in the US and its Effects”, presented January 2018 at the Turnpike and Expressway Authority Membership of Florida Annual meeting.

Recognizing and Adapting to Innovative Technologies, presented September 2017 at the IBTTA International Summit, Rome, Italy.

Infrastructure Technology and the Corporate Opportunitypresented at the IBTTA Annual Meeting, September 2011, Berlin, Germany.

“Interoperability and Future Transportation Finance presented at the 2009 IBTTA AETC Technology Meeting, Tampa, Florida.

The Future Reality of ETC, presented October 2007 at the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association Annual meeting, Vienna, Austria.

The U.S. ETC Market, presented at the November 2006 meeting of the Technology Committee of IBTTA, Miami, Florida.

The Future of U.S. Transportation Finance, presented August 2007 at the 2007 Texas Transportation Summit, Dallas, Texas.

ETC Interoperability in the United States, presented May 23 2007 at the Institution of Engineering and Technology symposium on Road Pricing, Birmingham, England.

The Intersection of Public Policy and Roadway Concession Economics.”, presented at the 2006 ITS World Congress in London, England.

The Economic Implications of Transportation Inertia.” presented April, 2006 at American Road and Transportation Builders, Reauthorization Committee in Washington D.C.

A System at Risk: The Economics of Transportation, presented at the December, 2005 Jacksonville Transportation Symposium.

Setting the Stage” , presented November, 2004 an opening presentation at the first International Finance Meeting of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association in Nice, France.

Commercial Freight and Transportation Economics”, presented at the February, 2004 Commercial Vehicle Freight Mobility conference.